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I’m a professional photographer available for any assignment.
Born: 1979, Israel

I love “old fashion” photography and I usually use film and transparencies in my work. My interest as a photographer is to take the sharpest and most compliment image I can take for my client and for me.

As an assistant of Reuven Kopachinsky, a great Israeli magazine and advertising photographer, I learned the art of lighting and communicating with your subjects, (and your gear).

I am a very technical person and I always look for new ways to merge a visual concept with technical laws and special lighting.

I have the ability to “shoot” on any location with my studio gear and these are my preferred productions.
As soon as we get to work together you will find that I am a very serious and thorough man, you will get the result you saw in your mind prior to the shooting session.

I hope you would like my work.

Thank you


photo by Alon Eshel





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